I know... Where are all the photos? Whats up with that? Well I am still developing this site. Currently I am traveling in Indonesia and Nepal and until its’ finished you can check out my facebook page to see some of my shots. Send me a like and a share you bloody legends. Cheers! facebook.com/5050photo

Hey world these are my photos collected from 6 continents on our glorious Earth. Travel is one of the great blessings in my life and has illuminated the glorious splendor of existence to me in many ways:

Humanity: Despite human beings differences in appearance, beliefs, histories, and culture are all beautiful; sharing the equal capacity for love, compassion, kindness, harmony, and peace. The Natural World: Despite its' propensity to rage against our wasteful and plunderous existence, is unfathomable in its depth and grandeur, deserving our utmost respect, reverence, and conservation. Wildlife: Despite mans ignorant tendency to devalue their significance and decimate their habitats, have equal right to thrive and be protected.